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לרגל ט"ו בשבט: Unearthing the mechanisms controlling plant size

. Plants have been cultivated and studied from the earliest days of human civilization, yet much remains unknown about them. A good example is the mechanism by which the size of plant cells is determined. Keiko Sugimoto, leader of the Cell Function Research Unit in RIKEN’s Plant Science Center, in working to elucidate this mechanism …

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Clogging up the plumbing – A specific gene is regulating the formation of water-transporting vessels, In plants

. Vascular development in plants is controlled by a newly identified gene regulator that can block the formation of water-transporting vessels . Every vascular plant contains an extensive network of xylem and phloem, specialized tissues that respectively transport water and nutrients throughout the plant body. Untangling the processes that determine how these two types of …

המשיכו בקריאה