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איכות סביבה, חקר המוח ושעונים ביולוגיים – חדשות מדע מיפן המוכה

. Solar-powered ‘nanoalloys’ . can convert polluting nitrates into ammonia fertilizer without releasing carbon dioxide . Nourishing crops with synthetic ammonia (NH3) fertilizers has increasingly pushed agricultural yields higher, but such productivity comes at a price. Over-application of this chemical can build up nitrate ion (NO3–) concentrations in the soil—a potential groundwater poison and food …

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Moving beyond the genome to fight cancer

. The first total synthesis of the complex natural product chaetocin expands the tools to reverse lethal gene expressions . Unlocking our genetic blueprint is well underway with the sequencing of the human genome, but a secondary layer of structure on the genome that affects gene expression, the ‘epigenome,’ remains largely unmapped. The packing structure …

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Artificial atoms light up

Doc2 A superconducting circuit that strongly interacts with light paves the way for optical computing schemes . . Before a quantum effect such as resonance fluorescence—resulting from the interaction of light with atoms—can be applied to quantum computing schemes, scientists need to replicate it in the laboratory. Thus far, however, efforts using artificial atoms made …

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