Me, and some of My Self – What's going on in my mind

A play by: Gail Tromer

Me: What am I even doing

Gail 2 (Me): Does it look like I know?

Me: . . .

To audience by me: I can’t show pictures in this, only words which is sad because I have an adorable picture of a dog and a cat
Gail 2: . . .
Me: Gail 2 is me
Gail 3: We have an audience that appears somewhere sometimes and watches the movies and drama and pictures and words that go on in my head
Me: Gail 2 is sometimes Magic (you don’t get it do you?)
Gail 2: I believe there is only one person in the world that gets it
Me: but there has to be another one
Gail 2:

Gail 3:
Gail 3: On it
Me: . . .
Gail 2: Why’d you stop making movies? They were enjoyable, funny, and amazing visual effects!
Me & Gail 3: Thank you!
Me: This is one of the weirdest things I have ever done
Gail 2: You have definitely done weirder
Gail 3: Wow, thanks
Me: . . .
Gail 2 & Gail 3 & Me: Only we will understand
Gail 2: Then why are you making this document?
Me: Comedy and Script writing practice
Gail 2: But last time you wrote a script the teacher throwed it away along with the rest of the crew in front of your face . . .
Me: But there wasn’t any problem with my script and because of that our play IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL was horrible. And I had to play the victim.
Gail 4: Find the good in the bad. In that thing you may or may not call a disaster, you found pleasure in writing scripts.
Gail 3: where did you come from?

Gail 4…

Me: I would say give me a turn but, you’re all me so

. . .

Gail 2: So about the movies

Me: It’s simple. My ideas outnumbered my characters and my personalities outnumbered my characters and I really want to make more movies but I can’t because I don’t have enough characters.

Gail 2…
Gail 3…

Gail 4…
?Me & Gail 2 & Gail 3: When did you even appear
…Gail 4: Find the good in the bad. In this case, the good is Me!: Drumroll please
Gail 4 & Gail 3 & Gail 2: We all stare
…Gail 4: Anyways, it’s me! I’m here
Gail 4: uh
?Gail 4: hey Gail 3 can I help with the lights
?Gail 3: uh sure
?!Gail 2: Wait . . . If we're talking . . . who’s backstage
!Gail 5: I am
!Gail 3: That’s my job
!Gail 5: And now I’m not. See you sooner or later! Bye
!Gail 4: Bye
…:Gail 3
Gail 2: Do your homework because we don’t want to end up doing it over the break
?Me: Wait wait wait! Remember Luna
Gail 2: Yes. I do. You twisted her personality until she fell out of the hole and you didn’t even bother Zchanging her look
Me: I told you, I ran out of characters
?Gail 3: Well do you have characters for us
Me: Of course I do! You’re me! . . . in different clothes
Gail 12: What just happened
?Gail 2: Wait, if you're here, right now, then where are Gail 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11
Me: Oh no, it’s not that, Gail 12 is me, and I type her name when I want to type me but I spoke a second ago
Gail 3: Only we understand
…:Gail 4

!?Gail 2: Again! Who is backstage
Gail 3: Not again
Gail 2: Yes again
Me: A scene between you! *Gasp* This is awesome
Gail 2: A scene between us *Gasp* has ended because you interrupted it
Gail 4: That was rude
Me: Well why do you think you’re all here!? I know you’re all me, but I could fling you to the trash section .in my brain anytime
.Me: Here? I’m the boss. Here? You are the followers
.Me: In real life? I’m a follower. What I want to be? A leader in a team of leaders
Gail 2: . . . Wow. I’m speechless
*Audience: *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*

!Me: I know you can’t do this in scripts, but this is my head so roll with it

!Gail 2: . . .

Announcer: Round 2

Gail 12: Just remember, any bad word, bad thing, or anything inappropriate will be kicked out immediately

?Gail 2: . . . Haha, if we did something inappropriate, do you honestly think we’d be here right now

.Me: huh, that’s usually me who says it

!Announcer: Congratulations! You have reached level 2

!Me: Seriously!? I should be on level 7

!Gail 2: No, You should be on level 9

Gail 3: That went differently

Gail 4: . . . I forgot what I was thinking

. . .

!Announcer: This is awkward . . . so . . Round 3

Gail 3: The document says we have 768 words

Me: I must think a lot

Gail 3: go, go, go! We must impress the audience

 – Me: But aren’t we

!Gail 3: No time! Hurry

Me: I want to be in a play so badly but some people assume because I’m shy I can’t be on stage and either give me a bad part (Gail 3:WHO ON EARTH WOULD PLAY THE VICTIM IF THEY HAD A CHOICE?! I KNOW I WOULDN’T) or give me a useless part (scroll to page 2, act 5)

…Me: Anyways, I know I may have acted sluggish in the school play but

?!Gail 3: *Clears Throat* MAY

Me: I only act sluggish if it’s not in my full will to participate. I know what I’m capable of and excuse me for not wanting to be in a team of cockroach-

.Gail 12: Hey, watch it. I know what you’re thinking and that won’t work either

Gail 4: So much negative energy! Pick it up and be positive! WHoo-hoo

.Me: In my head, you just turned from fairy godmother to Mrs. Deneroff combined with a cartoon character

Magic: I feel you

Me: Thanks buddy

Ariel: Ahem


!Gail 3: . . . This is getting awkward, so Next scene

Gail 3: Now let me go back to eating popcorn with the announcer

?!Gail 2: The lights . . . Gail 3. Who one earth did you leave in charge of the lights

Gail 3: A sandwich

?Gail 2: what

.Gail 12: watch it

Gail 12: If someone strikes at you, don’t strike back. Even if they call you names, don’t strike back. Call a teacher, call a friend. Best is to ignore them. Do anything but strike back. Why? Because if you strike back when you know you will beat them, then the shame transforms from them to you

.Gail 4: Never strike back

!Me: I feel like you’re the leader

!Gail 4: I have never heard a compliment so great in my life

Me: No, I was talking about Gail 12

!Gail 3: One cheer for us, one cheer for her

 – Me: I told you not to

Gail 3: I’m sorry! It was a one time thing

.Me: Fine. I realized I haven’t talked in a while

!Magic: Wait . . . You're the creator! Gail 12 is now the supervisor, and I am your assistant

!Which means . . . Now I have to make more characters

!Magic: But we have all the personalities, we just have to change the names

…Me: But we have to draw them out

.Magic: Oh? I got that covered. All you have to do, is take us darlings
!לציר אותנו כיה אנאיות and that’s it

:(Round 4 (Bonus

!Gail 2: I told you it doesn’t work if you read it aloud

Me: I am a great comedian

Gail 4: Yes you are

?!Magic: Excuse me?! What about your fellow assistant here

!Me: Magic

?Magic: yes

– Me: They weren’t supposed to know

Magic: hey, this is your mind, you control it. Not me. Now, I will go get some pizza. See you later.

 -Gail 3: but weren’t you

Magic: Yes, I was upset. And now I’m not. See you!

. . .

:The real bonus

Me: So this is the bonus. Here we find which Gail is the closest to my personality. Definitely not Gail 2 becau-

!Gail 2: hey

Me: you didn’t let me finish

Me: definitely not you because you’re the opposite of-

?Gail 2: me? opposite of you? how exactly

My inspirational speech: I just feel in my heart, that you are not even close to my real personality and I-

Gail 2: okay, fine. I give up

!Me: So as I was saying, Gail who’s personality almost matches mine is. . . Gail 3

!Gail 4: what?! but I’m close to you

!Me: sure you are. And I’m a blue pencil with wings

For Fun:

Me: Hello me

. . .

Me: Hello Gail 2, Gail 3, and Gail 4

Gail 2 & Gail 3 & Gail 4: hi

?Gail 5: what about me

Me: You rarely even appear. I’m not sure I know who you are.

…Gail 5:

. . .

Gail 2: so

?Gail 2: did you need something

Me: no

Me: In my mind I am either a unicorn or a unicorn zebra

Gail 3: We know that, but okay

. . .

Me: I can’t put pictures but I know I’m riding on a giant whale boat with you guys inside of a big ice cream cone

Gail 2 & Gail 3: We know. We’re here too.

?Me: So why do we have an a3 if a2 is the definition of PERFECT

?Gail 2: Because remember what happened to project a1

…Gail 3: It was also great, but you were overflowing with ideas

…Gail 2: And you forced yourself to wait and use them later

…Gail 3: and eventually

Me & Gail 2 & Gail 3: It went BOOM

Me: yeah


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